Milow™ is a US-based company that started in 2016, when a team of clothing/sneaker designers got together and realized that it would be too expensive to find the perfect branded sneakers for every outfit.

From nothing to our own movement.

With an eye on subcultures and urban tribes we were able to observe that everyone around us changes their clothes almost daily. And if they also changed their branded sneakers to match their outfit, it would be almost impossible to get the extremes to meet and look different and cool every day.

We also find it difficult to make our own independent fashion showcase and so we started designing our own sneakers.

A few years later we found ourselves with a great collection of stylish sneakers ready to share all of them with you.

With this in mind, we started our own movement "Milow™ - Elevate your shoe game".
Because we think fashion and style is not about rules and we love to go crazy for it.
Join the community and live by no rules but your own.

Team Milow™ - Elevate your shoe game.